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Clearwater Spring Highlands 

and Natural Meats

Our Farm

Raising LIvestock Responsibly Since 2002

We moved to Brighton, CO back in 2002 and we knew we wanted to raise our own food.  We wanted to know what we were eating was the freshest and healthiest food available.  

We were attracted to Highland cattle because of their beauty but when we tried the meat, we knew this was the breed for us!   We started our farm with just a heifer, 2 steers and a calf.  Soon we grew our farm to what it is today.  One year early on, we had all bull calves born on our farm so we were in the beef business whether we wanted to be or not!  


We expanded our farm to include heritage chickens and eggs along with a few heritage Large Black Hogs. 

We also expanded to offer vegetable plants in the spring and vegetables in summer and fall.    

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